"Mr. Eyman, who has written biographies of Cary Grant and John Wayne, captures the feverish mood of the Red Scare. He also makes (but doesn’t belabor) the point that a lot of the same furious energy is swirling in our society today."

-- Wall St. Journal  


Classic Film Historian "I fell in love with the movies"

Scott's 17th Book is available now!

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If you’re new to Scott’s writing, then you’re in for a treat.

Scott’s newest book is “Charlie Chaplin vs. America: When Art, Sex and Politics Collided," out Oct. 31, 2023. (Simon & Schuster).

That is his 17th book.

Please see separate pages for a schedule of appearances, a page for a listing of and reviews of Scott’s books, his remembrance of close friend and TCM host Robert Osborne, and more.

We hope you enjoy Scott’s work.